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What's this site all about?Edit

This site is the current culmination of a work process that began decades ago and is still far from complete.

As a person with a fertile imagination and a penchant for superhero comics, (sci-fi) movies and a broadband of literature and fiction books, I frequently have ideas of various topics buzzing around in my head which I collected (usually on loose slips of paper) over time and now try to bring in an overarching relationship to each other.

But the attempt to develop a story that combines all these ideas to a large comprehensive saga, is a lengthy process, one that I unfortunately only too often interrupt by adding new "inspirations", which of course doesn't helps accelerating my already sometimes muddled work style.

So don't be surprised if the here published stories appear partly underdeveloped or seem to be incoherent and also possibly just cut right in the middle of it and discontinue. I'm working (every now and then) on it to change that, but I also don't want do deprive you of what I have collated so far. Especially my many characters are in my humble opinion quite interesting even without accompanying stories.

So, why don't you just click through my website and browse around? Who knows, maybe you'll have fun with what I have to offer here ... ;)

Who the #!@& is Mad Jack?! Edit

Mad Jack is a native Luxembourger, who came into the world in 1972 "passing in transit" in a small town called Wermelskirchen somewhere between Remscheid and Düsseldorf and roamed the first ten years of his life through countries such as Luxembourg, Germany, France, England, Belgium, Netherlands, and even the Unites States before his parents finally arrived in Bavaria. Here he lives ever since as "luxembourgian prussian swine" and earns his meager living as a freelance hedonist in the working field of ​​media design (web & print).

Latest activityEdit

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